Budada (Lithic Press, 2015)

The Budada Manifesto: A Small Portion From the Larger Manuscript




Gate cover 2

The Gate • Limited Edition Hardcover (Lithic Press, 2014)

Clothbound hardcover
(limited edition, 100 numbered copies)
From the front cover:
The Gate is an essay in open form–or a poem as essay. It represents part one of an ongoing work. This poetic essay had its origns in a series of conversations in the basement of the Golden Flyer restaurant on the waterfront in San Francisco. Irregular sessions were attended by Kirby Doyle, Tisa Walden, Howard Hart, Gregory Corso, Neeli Cherkovski and other poets and painters from North Beach. The meetings only continued for a few months, but the talk was passionate and productive. During that time I kept a notebook of my own thoughts towards an evolving poetics. The notebook, an orange German school issue had the words “Tell Notiz” on its cover. That was the original title of the essay, and it resonated neatly with my investigations at the time into the linguistic and archeological findings of Tell Mardikh in Syria–studies that point to the origins of written language in the West. Some of the remarks and ideas brought up in our talks found their wayinto the essay. In most cases, those remarks are in quotations and attributed to the speaker (or author) of the statements.

Gate chappie

The Gate • Saddle-stitched Edition (Lithic Press, 2014)




The Gate • Free PDF Edition (Lithic Press, 2016)


Amor Fati WEB

Amor Fati (Lithic Press, 2013)

These poems embody Jack Mueller’s lifelong obsession with language. Personal, universal, heartbreaking, and with a coyote running throughout, from childhood and family life, to philosophical musings into deep time, big space, old history, and the origin of words. This book is Jack—continuing the argument and conversation he has carried on with everything and everyone, forever. This book contains new work as well as poems culled from the past thirty years.

Amor Fati, a thick volume of new and selected poems from Beat affiliate and once San Francisco fixture Jack Mueller, truly lives up to its name (Lithic Press; 177 pages). “Love of fate,” as the title translates, appears in these pages in many forms: as contemplative acceptance, surly fatalism, awed joy. One moment pondering the nature of death, the next exuberantly describing a bird, Mueller vacillates between optimism and resignation as he moves between the registers of philosophical abstraction and concrete observation. Distinctly the wok of an older writer, Amor Fati tackles almost exclusively cosmic questions- about mortality, love, and our relationship to language.”
– Maggie Millner, ZYZZYVA


Whacking the Punch Line (Lithic Press, 2008)

Spiral bound collection of compression sketches with captions, on heavy card stock. Originally drawn on bar napkins, this generative book creates a new world that jumps straight out from the mind of the artist, off the page, anew everytime, in yer eye. Complete with parenthetical clouds, wooden tears, news from under ground, and screw worms. Is it about quantum mechanics? Is it about the financial meltdown? Literary cartoons good for any room in the house.

The Paramorphs by Jack Mueller

The Paramorphs (Ginkgo Press, 1985)


Jack Mueller Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue (Deep Forest, Second Series, 1984)


Jack Mueller Traces

Traces (Deep Forest, 1982)