Third Mind

11694768_793330254117560_1402133684076891570_nJack Mueller (top right) with Ginsberg, Scrivani, Cherkovski, Ferlinghetti, etc. North Beach, 1980.


If you look closely, the Boss’s reading glasses happen to be resting atop a copy of Jack Mueller’s collection of poems, Amor Fati. Bruce Springsteen, shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.


Jack portrait by Ira Cohen - high res
Portrait of Jack Mueller by Ira Cohen, San Francisco 1980. 


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Jack Mueller Cowboy Hat- Danny RosenJack Mueller portrait by Danny Rosen.


Hirschman Mackey Mueller .jpeg



Jack reading at Bob Kaufman’s funeral parade, 1986. Marty Matz, left. Photo © Michelle Maria Boleyn.


      From Amor Fati (Lithic Press, 2013)


Jack MuellerPhoto courtesy of Alpha Gardner, published in Beatitude: Golden Anniversary 1959-2009, Ed. Latif Harris & Neeli Cherkovski. 


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887067_359106020873321_273714018_oJack mentoring a genius, Grand Junction, CO.


“The NPA executive director at the time, Jack Mueller, worked at Lawrence Berkeley Labs as a science writer and often mentioned something called “The Internet” around the office.” –George Aguilar, 2011


Frammis (an homage to Wallace Berman), which Jack Mueller edited with Jack Hirschman (Berkeley: Artaud’s Elbow, 1979).


Jack reads from Amor Fati at Talking Gourds, Telluride 2014. L-R: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Art Goodtimes, Danny Rosen, Jack Mueller. Photo courtesy of Kyle Harvey. 


Farewell Materials Cover.jpegPhotogram by Jack Mueller used for the cover of Kyle Harvey’s chapbook, Farewell Materials, published by Lithic Press in 2015.

Jack Mueller PhotogramPhotogram by Jack from the back of his chapbook, Prussian Blue, published by Deep Forest in 1984.


Burbank for Kirby Doyle by Jack Mueller - Earth First June 1982 .pngEarth First: June 1982.


Remembering Bob Kaufman Club Nine Jack Mueller.jpgRemembering Bob Kaufman
Club Nine,  Ninth and Harrison Streets, San Francisco  Sunday, February 16, 1986 5 to 8 pm With Poets:  Jack Hirschman, Jack Micheline, Harold Norse,  David Henderson, Lynne Wildey, Simon Alexander, Jack Mueller,  Sarah Menefee, Neeli Cherkovski, Howard Hart, Marty Matz,  Paul Landry, Kush, George Tsongas / $3.00 Admission


Jack and Wendy Videlock. 


Keystone Korner Revives Poetry Readings Gregory Corso Neeli Cherkovski Jack Mueller - Berkeley Barb Feb 1980.pngBerkeley Barb: February 1980.



Jack Mueller Dragonfly Broadside.jpgDragonfly broadside (Lithic Press, 2014) designed by Kyle Harvey.


The Paramorphs by Jack MuellerThe Paramorphs, Ginkgo Books 1985.


1888675_10202039548323404_1202286516_nJack reading at Cavalcade in Fruita, Colorado. L-R: Kyle Harvey, Art Goodtimes, Jack, Danny Rosen, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Wendy Videlock. 


Jack Broadside.jpgTwice Taught broadside (Lithic Press, 2013) designed by Kyle Harvey.



471248_395845310435123_1343634891_o“Photo’s are dishonest. Agents of dis-information. Moments of time, a stupid aspect of the Universe.” Jack juggling poems at the Karen Chamberlain Festival in Carbondale, CO.